About Me

I am a 34 year old webpage developer from the UK. I have been making website for a few years now. I started off making a webpage about myself in order to show member's of AOL. For some stupid reason I decided to be an AOL Host/Guide for just over five years. I came to my senses and gave up hosting because I was liason for a group of IT hosts who basically are thick cunts.

My Job

I am a self employer website developer and also do a lot of freelance for another company. I work from home and do hours to suit my needs. I think I can safely say 'I have the best job in the world". I get to sit at home listening to music and I can work in my jarmas if I so wish.

I also dabble in IT support however I recently have come to decide that I'd much rather not bother working on other peoples computers and where needed like to refer clients to Synergy

My hobbies

Well if you hadn't guess already my hobbies are very much related around the use of a computer. I love making websites about random shit so if you look in my portfolio you will see links to some sites I have made.

Abso love playing games and listening to music .. If you hadn't gathered from my blogg I play World of Warcraft and when the server is down may jump in to a quick game of UT04 ..


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