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Loaded in winamp: Too early

Going through my email I have had an email from a company called Sitemorse .. What they do is email your clients and tell them the site you made them is shite .. So the client then comes back to you with mega concerns that the website you made them is full of errors ..

This happened to me with one of my clients .. He contacted me via email sending a copy of the email that Sitemorse had sent him .. I was quite pissed off and went to the companies website to find out further information ..

Straight away it became apparent what this company were doing .. They email you telling you there are errors and then offer to tell you all the errors if you pay 80!! I explained this to my client and ran through a few sites that I knew had valid HTML and CSS along with Access Keys for people with limited mobility ..

The results were the site failed on a number of things .. so I knew they were being particularly fussy ..

I'd forgotten all about this company until yesterday when I had a call from some guy asking what I had thought about their service and offering me a special discounted price of around 225 to check all my sites for me unlimited amount of times until March 2005 ..

I told the guy that his service pissed me off as a website developer because I felt the service was just sticking the knife in so they could con the panicking client to paying the fee to have the results .. The guy said that they were not a charity and had to charge for the service .. My argument was I'd never asked for the service and therefore did not appreciate them contacting my clients undermining my service ..

He knew what I was saying and said we might as well end the conversation there as he knew it wasn't going to generate any sales for his company ..

I asked him out of interest why when I had run the Sitemorse website through it's own service it was blocking me from seeing the results!! He laughed because I had hit the nail on the head and we wished each other a good week and said goodbye ..


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