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I want a new job
Loaded in winamp: Nirvana

Career change on the cards! .. Webpage making sucks and I reckon the next best thing is being on the panel at auditions! ..

I been kickin back all weekend playing Morrowind so today just couldn't face my PC knowing the work load I have lined up for the week..

Instead I watched TEEN TV! .. Music channels all day! .. I learnt some new phrases! I watched Pimp My Ride which is always good for a laugh to see the poor white kid try and be all black rapper when he meets Xzibit .. I have to give the background music guy some serious respect here .. Gomez no less!! I keep hearing Gomez music played in the background of MTV programs !! The music guys got some serious good taste ..

I went for a little flick through the channels and VH1 had the best 500 songs on and in at number 55 was a real gay Take That video .. so I carried on .. I was very happy to see Q (I think) playing a great Incubus Video - Drive, great cos Brandon is singing around all with his top off .. That's always good for a five min day dream about him ;)

Anyway moved on to Kerrang stuck there for a while but after a few hours of the same stereo phonics track being played I decided to move on again .. This time I ended up on a program all about the band Frankie Goes to Hollywood.. Man they rocked in the 80s .. anyway .. lead singer got his knickers in a twist over 17 years ago and the rest of the band being skint thought it would be cool to do a gig .. with no front man they were pretty stuffed .. So this is where the auditions come from .. They set up a day and lots of hopefuls went along to be the front man of Frankie Goes to Hollywood .. OMFG Hilarious out takes!! .. Serioulsy what the hell is going through peoples minds when they go to audition!! its like a days outting for the local loony bin !!

I have now decided that is the perfect job, I want to get totally wasted and go and watch people auditioning and LMFAO!!! ..

So if by some freak chance you're reading this and need somebody to sit through auditions for you .. I just want to get paid enough to upgrade my PC from time to time and buy some water proof mascara !!
03.29.05 @ 12:57 AM GMT

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