..:: s a b b i e t a g e ::..
Grrr .. I want va8003swa

Does anybody on this earth know when/where I can buy this case .. Thermaltake haven't replied to my email asking for further details on when they are going to roll this case out ..

They supply a whole page full of companies who sell thier items but not one of them has the va8003swa in stock or even listed .. /cry

I can't play Oblivion because my GPU crashes around 106c and rising /cry

Oblivion laughs as my Dell XPS M170 .. something like 2 fps .. But that's another story .. And another sad story is that Dell have bought out Alienware ..

I keep getting forced back to World of Warcraft !! .. I need this new Thermaltake Armor Case .. I need to branch out ..
03.30.06 @ 10:24 AM GMT

World of warcraft email system gets spammers!

YaY .. not only do you have to deal with all the emails you get daily from viagra, indian creatives and SEO'ers landing in your default email box .. You now log on to a game you play and the in built email system used for sending items/money to other characters is now being abused by people who want to sell you gold and level your character .. and of course they are masked !

I wonder how long it will be before my lvl 60 mage can buy viagra to enhance her spell casting ..

Although at this point I must mention her casting abilities do not disappoint .. When she does it in a group .. everyone is amazed at her ability to keep going ..

Other WoW related news .. we killed the Barren .. we killed the Barren .. Thats killed the Barren 5 man !! Got my Argent Crusader with a +22int .. 7438 mana FTW!! ..

Other non WoW related news .. I went to Tesco's and wanted to buy a bath sponge .. You can't buy them in Tescos .. I was told there were too many germs on sponges so they stopped selling them .. So you can buy a pack of fags that can give you lung cancer .. but can not buy a sponge to bath with .. Kerrrrrrrrrrrrazy !!

03.25.06 @ 07:04 PM GMT

Ninja's aka Warlocks !

This news deserves a post .. Seriously people out there be wary of Warlocks in Magisters armour.

The other day after multiple runs to Scholomance, Dark Master Gandling finally dropped my Magister's Crown and as I was the only Mage in the group I was so excited .. Then it rolled up on the screen that a warlock had won!! WTF !! Everyone in group passed apart from the Warlock who selected ‘Need’

He had wanted it because of the +31 intellect .. I was like .. man do you know how many times I have had to come and kill this boss? .. Do you realise how long its taken us to get to him? .. but it was too late .. the item was BOP :(

The same warlock also had the Magister's Robes on .. and an epic head piece!

Later on in the day I was sat outside the bank in Orgrimmar and another Warlock in Mage gear came and sat down next to me .. So at this point I am joking to my guildies about how Warlocks are Mage armor ninja's and another turned up !

So all my fellow Mage's out there .. The reason you don't have your full set of Mage Magister’s Armour is because every Warlock in the game is wearing it ! .. Oh and the fact Blizz made it a real task to get it ! The postmaster quest for the Magister’s Boots .. Why ? Damn Warlocks!! they only got to look at first boss Strat UD side and she drops their Dreadmist Sandals ..
03.09.06 @ 12:46 AM GMT

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