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So I have this crap three mobile phone but I thought it would work out ok for my daughter to have one so I also got her a cotract phone (huge mistake ! do not recommend you give a teenager a contract phone - last months bill was 92!! - she has red raw fingers from all the jobs I have made her do!!)

Anyway the mobile phone company called me asked if I wanted another mobile phone for just 4.95 a month, I declined because I didn't need another phone and defo wasn't going to put my son on one!!

I had decided when I came to the end of my first contract with them Three I would not renew it.

The the other night my mobile phone company called me up again but this time they had an even better deal for me because apparantly I am a valued customer of which I have my daughter to thank for that !! hmm ..

This time they had yet another Three Network phone with 500 free mins and 100 texts but this time I could have it free for a year! .. I thought about it and because my contract runs out next month decided might as well go for it .. So I was quite pleased I didn't have to pay for mobile phone calls or line rental (although I do because its by means of voucher refund at the end of each 3 months) Anyway was all happy got the phone although its quite a brick - Motorola C975 maybe ? ..

Yesterday I got a letter thanking me for 'purchasing'? the phone and telling me how they were going to credit my bank account with 50! Nobody told me I'd get 50 quid as well! What a result!! but thats not all I was cleaning up the bag the phone came in and found a digital clock and a in car kit!!

So I got a free phone, free calls, free line rental, free in car kit, free digital clock and 50 !!

Makes me wonder how many organs I have agreed to give up ? ..

04.18.05 @ 12:26 AM GMT

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