..:: s a b b i e t a g e ::..
YaY I got my Epic Mount !!

Ok 900g though .. But YaY for my 'Purple Skeletal Warhorse' Epic Mount FTW!! ..

All my Lvl 60 Mage need's now is her Magister's Crown, however after the 1.10 update and the change in the player limit for each of the instances I think I will just give up ..

Scholomance 10 man was great you had enough damage dealers and could bring the mob's down fast ..
Now though with the 5 player limit in scholo you can't afford to wipe anywhere after Rattlegore because the instance will of started to respawn.

Since the update I have not managed to find a decent group and make it to 'Dark Master Gandling' .. So if I do ever get to him again, what with his drop rate on the Mage's head armor, I basically have given up all hope of ever owning the whole set .. Maybe I will go back when I am lvl 70 after 'The Burning Crusade' addon arrives.

Also with the new patch, came a new quest chain to upgrade class armor .. You have to gather various items which force you to go and quest in old lands that you haven't been to in a while .. But the most bizarre quest which I can not get my head around is the Stratholme Undead in 45 mins .. WTF!

We tried this the other night, 5 lvl 60s, a warrior, priest, warlock, druid and myself a mage. We ran out of time on the 3rd mini boss !! The damage meter showed the key .. between us we were not doing anywhere near enough dps .. I was ahead on the damage meter with the lock about 2/3rds behind.

I think to be able to do Strat UD in under 45 mins you need a group with Epic gear on to gain maximum DPS ..

So this leaves me to wonder why a group of players in Epic Gear would want to do a quest for tier 0.5 armor .. Am I missing something ?
04.05.06 @ 12:59 AM GMT

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