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Kids these days

Yesterday I had a really bad situation, my daughter came home after having her wages robbed off her by a group of youths, she knew the youths so I in a crazy moment I went and confronted them ..

This was my big mistake .. before I knew it I had around 5 boys out of a group of 30 15 year olds threatening me with weapons .. They had knuckle dusters and knives ..

My partner quickly grabbed me and we got back in our car .. A lad threw a can of beer at my car and as a result I have a dent in my side of my car now ..

We came home and called the police .. it was either that or stoop to their level .. Which at the time I was very tempted with the later ..

The police knew all the youths, one of which is on an asbo and should not of been out that time of night and with that knowledge and the fact he had a knuckle duster they could do nothing ..

What is going on in this country ?

So they stole her money off her, threatened me with weapons whilst on an asbo and bascially nothing will happen ..

Fantastic Tony Blair (another retard)
05.27.06 @ 10:31 PM GMT

Google and inbound link rule

I wish Google would sort out some other kind of rules here ..

I run another website based for children with a forum and last night was utterly disgusted to find a link to an adult black porn site linked from it ..

I filtered through the 138 members who had signed up for the forum and after deleting all the members who were advertising dating agencies / medical sites / casinos / porn etc etc the forum is left with just 36 members ..

I have now made the forum so I have to approve new members and so far today have had 3 members try and join who basically are looking for inbound links ..

I created a new forum to explain how to sign up and had written that the website was for children and how I thought linking to adult content was sick .. I had forgot to make the forum for regsitered users only and could not belive some that tosser had the front to make a guest post in that topic linking to obscene content in less than 8 hours of posting it ..

Due to the fact that people uninvited use forums / comments on bloggs to link to thier often weak websites to get a higher page rank in google, I have had to turn off comments on all of the bloggs I run because it was getting too much of a task checking them for links each day ..

Which is such a shame because websites that are designed for discussion can no longer serve that purpose without getting abused .. I just don't have the time to check each site every few hours ..

Anyway I am extremly pissed off .. again thanks to all you retards !!
05.25.06 @ 11:12 PM GMT

Strat UD 45 Min - Getting there

Well myself and 4 guildies from The Orgrimmar Massive have been practising the Stratholme Undead 45 min run and we are getting damn close .. The other night we were about 2 mins out ..

We started off killing the Baroness Anastari - then on to Nerub'enkan (Spider Boss) then on to Maleki the Pallid - killing our path to the gate .. We were 8 mins out with this method .. So we changed our plan to kill the spider boss first - then the baroness then take the other way to the palli boss then death run it to the gate .. This is the most successful method for us ..

Once you have the palli boss down you need to neck a swiftness potion and death run it to the gate..
The priest threw a shield over the tank who got the aggro and we followed .. On our first run the spiders webbed down our priest and they died so we had to reset and try again ..

The second time we tried this we all made it to the gate where we died .. the priest quickly ressed us and we then we carried on fighting .. However this is a real pain .. past the gate is on a timer .. We ended up killing everything but because we did it so fast there was a delay before the doors opened for us to get in and kill Baron Rivendare .. I think we were waiting for about a minute for the door to open ..

This time we were roughly 2 mins out but now its made us feel very confident that this can be done ..

I have spoken to various mates of mine in the game who have done this run in 32 mins but admit they had tier 2 players with them ..

My group all has just tier 0 dungeon gear on .. so we are doing very well ..

Being a Mage I have mana issues - so the key is as soon as you are out of combat you got to sit down and mana up while the priest is pulling the next mob .. we have the priest constantly pulling and shackling .. so there is always something else to kill .. Mana pots are good but because I have 7.4k mana they hardly touch my mana pool .. I save combustion for the Ziggurats .. Once we bring down the bosses mage / warlock / priest go in while the tank and rogue carry on fighting the mobs outside ..

This map helped us giving us a rough guide how to do this .. although we now take a diff route ..#

We are trying again tonight .. I think we will do it !! Fingers crossed for us :D

05.19.06 @ 10:21 AM GMT

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