..:: s a b b i e t a g e ::..
Damn ..
Loaded in winamp: Incubus - Meglomaniac

The game has been the downfall of me .. I am still playing it .. 2 years on .. I have never put so much time in to one game in my whole life .. Its the best planned game to make ppl keep going back .. mates of mine who have cancelled thier account and sworn to never play it again end up back ..

We are now doing Magtheridons Lair, Gruuls Lair and Karahzan (all on farm status) but! Serpantshrine Cavern is not so farmable YET .. Hydross is becoming my most hated boss in World Of Warcraft! ..

So as for what I am wearing these days I have 4 parts of my Mage Tier 4 Armor, I didn't go for the hat cos I dig my Witches hat too much !

I do mean to swing by this site and update it but what with raiding four nights a week and work - tbh I just cba !

I been playing about on Windows Vista this week and do not recommend anyone takes the plunge yet .. Apps seem to run a bit slow .. I haven't tried installing a game yet (not sure the graphics on the system would be up for it) Just seems that there is some thinking time before vista opens windows etc.
It all looks very pretty though!

I have been working on Crawley Audi recently and I am learning my Audi Cars !! 3 months ago I wouldn't of known an Audi Q7 from an Audi S3 ..

Ahh well I better crack on with updating the site I was working on before I had a random urge to come post so real random stuff on here .. bye for now ..

07.17.07 @ 09:32 PM GMT

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