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Back again .. probably!
Loaded in winamp: Oasis - Master Plan

Well .. It's been a long time .. I have been playing 'that game' I can't seem to stop! MC on Mondays and Tuesday, ZG on Thursday and AQ on Sundays .. then when I am not raiding we are doing crazy shit like Scholo with no tank or healer .. 3 mages / 1 lock / 1 Rogue = PWNAGE!! .. Although one of the mages suggested we should try SS with the same team .. I am not so convinced .. but game !!

The whole Strat 45 min run didn't go so well .. We were all wearing Dungeon set 1 gear and just couldn't shave off them last 2 mins .. However one of the group pulled in a DPS tank and two rogues in tier 1 gear .. They were successful .. So the key to the 45 min run is you need at least 2 ppl in Tier 1 gear .. a DPS tank and DPS priest ..

I have since upgraded alot of my gear .. a couple bits of tier 1 .. a couple of bits of zandalar gear and a few other epix .. maybe when I am bored will try this run again ..

Ok from this point I wont mention 'that game' again ..

What else have I been doing .. hmm not much .. thrown up the odd site here and there .. working on some fresh ones .. Today I feel very enthusiastic about the whole webpage making lark .. Hence the new design on this one .. It came from a mate of mine linking to my site and me feeling totally embarrassed about its over design .. I designed the theme last night and was quite surprised when I got up this morning and still liked it .. So I showed a couple of my other webby buddies who also said they dug it .. I dunno maybe they were just being kind :P

I rediscovered surfing the net for random shit last night and had quite a lot of fun sending my friends links to the bizarre shit I found .. The most amusing for me was a site stacked with images ..

I've come to realise I am getting old .. I go to the supermarket and look at the magazine covers and this week everyone has got Pete and Nicky from Big Brother plastered all over them .. Really couldn't give two shits about what they are doing .. I watch the weather and couldn't tell you if its going to rain, snow or be sunny .. This whole new map thing they got going on confuses the hell out of me ..
Sat down to watch a movie the other night .. So I went by the star rating sky gives them .. I was so sure 5 star's meant it was going to be good ? .. Dawn of the dead .. biggest load of crap I've seen in the longest time .. I watched a movie called 'Hostel' the other night and tbh if I've ever considered back packing around eastern europe I have totally gone off the idea now ..

Well enough of my random shit for today I must make a post of my near miss with Pipex soon .. If I don't get around to it .. In short avoid them like the plague or better stilll like Dawn of the dead ..
08.31.06 @ 04:36 PM GMT

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