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Motivation isn't happening
Loaded in winamp: Massive Attack Blue Lines

I am not sure if maybe its the disappointment of my true love not contacting me at 11 as stated in the last post of yesterday .. :( .. or the fact I went to bed too late after playing HALO 2 last night!!

I was in two minds if to buy it or not .. I had work todo .. Halflife 2 is out next week .. and I much prefer any FPS on my PC rather than trying to aim with a pad! .. Which I'm shite at!!

Anyway I broke, and I bought a copy of it and OMG what a cool move .. It's seriously time for anyone who hasn't yet bought an Xbox to buy one! Just for this game and if like me you're shite with a pad you can get a thingy to plug keyboard and mouse in to your XBox which will work with Halo2 YaY!! No idea where from but I have sent my boss info to see if he can get some ..

So the task for today is make links for over 200 anchors !! YaY the joys of being a website developer!! and play some more Halo !!
11.11.04 @ 02:01 PM GMT

This is like .. SERIOUS!!
Loaded in winamp: Gomez

Am sat here chilling out listening to some sounds editing a site and my son sent me this ..

"Ello i am a sex virus. i have been sent to you because this person thinks you are amazingly gorgeous! if you send this to 11 people in the next 10 mins your true love will ask you out at 11 am tomorrow. if you dont send this on you wil have bad sex for the next 11 years!


Well after reading this I thought I best post it on my site because I have just got a copy of Halo 2 and do not want to DIE!! ..

11.10.04 @ 07:19 PM GMT

Even more testing
Loaded in winamp: More crap chart stuff

Yay this is going good!
11.10.04 @ 12:41 PM GMT

Testing Testing
Loaded in winamp: Oh damn bloody crap kiss .. lois is off sick

Dear Blogg

Please work first time then I can move on to something else!!

Lets get a good understanding from the offset!! I am the webmaster and you are the cgi script .. I can delete you if you piss me off !!

Ok got the formalities out the way .. now its time blogg!!
11.10.04 @ 11:49 AM GMT

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