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Well tonight whilst checking status of this website I discovered that some online chemist thought they were welcome to come to my site and leave comments linking to all of their SEO urls !!

I am abso sick to death of ppl spamming my sites with crappy urls so have disabled comments .. NICE ONE RETARDS!
12.14.05 @ 12:20 AM GMT

Where has the year gone?

Playing that god damn game World of Warcraft! .. In China they are trying to restrict the time you can play this game for each day, allegedly there has been two deaths due to MMORPG's in the last few months .. Some guy in his late 20's died while playing a game at a cyber cafe [ full story here ]

My first character is at lvl 60 and without an epic mount! .. An epic mount costs 900 gold which if you can earn on average 20 gold a day in the game (Unless you are uber lucky in the dungeons) .. you can see its a hell of a lot of gaming hours just to get a horse with glowy feet but on the upside can run faster giving you a better chance to get BS before the Alliance Scum!

Which brings me on to what is up with Arathi Basin, when you hit lvl 60 it's a nightmare .. when you finally get in to a match everyone leaves if they think they could loose .. If you're one of these, you take the PVP far too seriously .. I need some HK's .. I want a cheap mount!!

lvl 60 gets all hardcore, nobody wants to play with n00bs or ninja looters The instances take aaaaages and I end up getting extremly fidgety .. and ALWAYS die at the boss! Damn mages cloth armour!!

For The Horde!!
12.01.05 @ 12:08 AM GMT

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