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Cheap Computer Hardware - I found these hardware suppliers years ago I had mate who showed me them and ever since I have been buying all of my computer parts from this online store.

Faster Dial-Up - A client of mine needed a faster internet connection but couldn't afford to have the ongoing monthly charges for the service. They asked me to look around the net and find a solution which met their budget. This service uses a unique compression technology to compress files in transfer speeding up existing connections for any 56K internet connection.

Great Website Hosting Deals - Recently I started learning Microsoft Access and love it so much decided I'd like to start using it to make sites but I needed a cheap windows server for my hosting.

Ferry Booking Office - I am a bit of a bargain buyer I don't like paying over the odds, living on a diet of coffee, cigarettes and beer it can get costly so I pop to france a few times a year to stock up on cheap cigarettes and beer.

DarkNerd - I just like this site cos "On the darker side of technology is a place where n00bs are laughed at and things can be made to bite back"

Credit Card Juggling - I am surprised that alot of people do not know what interest rate they are paying on their credit cards. I am currently paying 0%, instead of using my savings to buy my gadgets I choose to use my credit card and put the money I would of spent in a high interest savings accounts. So instead of paying the average 20% apr, (which for you non maths minded people is £200 quid interest per year on every £1000 you borrow), I am earning a respectable 7.07% in my savings account.

Great Holiday Deals - If you followed the link above you will be sat with a new credit card waiting for a bargain online. This site lets you make your own package holiday up so you are in control. I found these people about 6 months ago for my parents who wanted to book up a holiday to Egypt. The same holiday which they had found in another companies brouchure was nearly £600 more.

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